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Client Newsletters for IFAs

Financial Newsletters to Engage your Clients and Show Your Worth

Newsletters are important in building and maintaining client relationships. They can offer you the means of maintaining client contact and adding interest to your financial website.

Free with your website (£60 per issue without a website).

Our compliant approved newsletters for independent financial advisers and financial services firms are published quarterly. They contain the latest financial information relevant to your clients.

Beautifully designed using professional images to bring each edition to life, once approved we add each issue of your financial newsletter to your website, so you don't need to do anything. Our compliance approved newsletters come free with your financial services website.

Client Newsletters to help you stay in touch

Bring value to your client relationships, without increasing your workload.

Our quarterly compliance approved financial newsletters provide your clients with regular contact and relevant financial topics.

Content that keeps you in mind and encourages those important conversations.

Our client newsletters are checked by a total of 15 compliance specialists,
whose purpose is to help financial advisers meet the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) expectations.

Compliance Approved Content

We understand the importance of your network approving all your marketing material, which is why we take care of compliance submissions on your behalf.

Not only do you get well-written content to give to your clients, you can also relax by knowing that your newsletter will appear on your website after being approved by your network.

Sit back and let us take care of your marketing needs.

Financial Advisor Newsletters

Letting you get on with your job whilst we get on with ours.
Our financial newsletters offer great value with your financial website.

Price of our Financial Newsletters

We understand you're looking for good value with your financial services website; so we include free quarterly newsletters with your website.*

*There is a nominal charge of £5pm if you're a website client and would like your newsletter branded with your firm's logo and colours rather than just your firm's name.

Our Newsletters are £60 each for clients who don't have a website with us.

Future Publication Dates

2024 / 2025

Autumn: October
Winter: January
Spring: April
Summer: July

Our Latest Publications for Financial Advisers

We produce quarterly newsletters for you to send to your clients; they are branded with your company regulatory details and approved by your network. They include topical information on Pensions and Retirement.

Unless you are a website or newsletter client - the content and images in the newsletters are copywritten to IFA Web Pro ©

What makes a good financial newsletter?

We work hard at delivering a clear message and focus behind every newsletter, whilst keeping the topics varied. Using a range of newsletter ideas to keep your clients’ attention. From topical events like a summary of the latest government announcement (often the budget or autumn statement), data collected by other bodies e.g. the Pensions & Lifetime Savings Association or Office of National Statistics.These types of content engage users so that they look forward to your next issue.

Our designs are visual, purchasing new images for the artwork for each issue. Keeping our newsletters vibrant and eye-catching. Like websites, the best newsletter examples include illustrations and photos to help our newsletter design needs to stand out.

Where we can we always include a CTA: "Contact us for more information / let us help you ...". The Best Newsletters for Financial Advisers

Financial Newsletters and Content to Inspire and Engage.

One of the best ways to inspire trust and engage clients is to provide them with valuable, engaging content.
That’s where our quarterly financial newsletters come into play in helping you market your firm.

Fully Managed by us

We send your newsletters to your network on your behalf. We understand how busy our financial advisers are.

Concise Content

Many clients will not read long newsletters, with that in mind we write concise articles. Pointing them in your direction to ask for more detail on any financial topics. This way, we can keep clients' attention and they can read articles that interest them, without being put off by to much financial jargon.

8 Pages of Engaging Topics

Our newsletters are all 8 pages long, full of financial and relevant articles.

A Reason to Talk

If you have a quarterly newsletter, you can send an ad hoc email alongside your newsletter to start up other conversations and check in on them.

Financial Advisor Newsletter Content - Written for Financial services Firms

Creative Content

We design newsletters to be 8 pages long; for those clients who wish to print their newsletters.

We use attention-grabbing headings and content, that is presented in bite sized chunks with eye catching images. This way, clients can quickly choose and read the topics which interest them.

Extra Touches

Our newsletters are written quarterly and then compliance approved (we deal with 15 compliance companies in total); it mean it is an all-in-one solution for busy advisers. We do reserve a page for you to send us a few paragraphs to personalise your copy.

If there is a topic you'd like us to cover, let us know in advance and we will see what we can do.

Valuable, engaging content

A great way to generate trust and confidence with your clients is to provide them with engaging content. We put design at the heart of our work with fresh and relevant images from Istock, alongside relevant and timely articles.

Most clients won't engage with lengthy newsletters so we deliberately write 8 pages of A4 (that's a little bit historical as ne or two clients used to get them printed). We try and male them concise with a mixture of topics, with an occasional lighthearted topic. That way, hopefully there's something for everyone.

You are (as a newsletter or website client) welcome to copy any content, if it will be useful to you.

If you aren't a client of ours, because of the work and cost of producing these newsletters -
the content and images are copywritten to to IFA Web Pro ©

The journey of producing our quarterly financial adviser newsletters

It starts with sourcing articles, thinking of engaging topics and spin offs from what is happening in the financial market and current affairs.

Our design team put together, proof read articles with fresh and inspiring images from Istock (they just do great images, we don't have an affiliation with them. We pay from £8 to £24 per image).

Our newsletters get approval through at least a dozen compliance teams, depending on who our clients' network is.

Then newsletters once through this process are branded, published and added to our clients' websites. They are also sent out to any private clients who don't have a website with us.

Our newsletters were originally created to support our website clients.
Over the years they have gained credibility and popularity and are sold (£60 per issue) to financial advisers without a website with us.

I’m impressed with your product

“I have sent a copy of the Newsletter to by 250 client base, and so far I have had about 30 clients respond, saying how good they found it. I’m well impressed.”

Michael Brayne, Routledge Financial

The newsletters are of interest to our clients

“We have found dealing with IFA Web Pro a pleasure and we have found their newsletter to be of interest for our clients and great value for us,
we would and have recommended IFA Web Pro to other IFAs.”

Kim Bascombe, Tuto Money

Are you a financial advisory firm wanting to engage your clients?

Are you a financial firm looking to provide ongoing value & content (not to mention engagement) to your clients?
IFA Web Pro provides quarterly newsletters specifically for IFAs and financial advisers to send to their clients.

Let us help you reach out to clients and stand out from the crowd.