Do you need a secure way to send documents?

A secure way for IFAs to share documents

Simple, secure, digital file transmission between you and your Clients.

Senditsecure provides financial advisers with a confidential environment to securely exchange digital files with their customers, clients, suppliers - anyone infact. You simply upload your important file to the Senditsecure server and your recipient downloads it from the server via a special link. Once downloaded your file is erased from the server.

Uploading and downloading is performed using a secure SSL connection and for the short time your files are on our server they are stored in RC2 encrypted format. The file exchange is secure start to finish.

The only data sent via email is information on how to download the file, and a key is required to commence the download, ensuring your information is only viewed by the intended recipient.

How senditsecure works

You need to send some confidential information to a client. You can't trust email as you know it's not secure during the transfer and you can't be sure it's the right person that downloads, opens and reads the email. There's email encryption, but you need a fair degree of technical knowledge to use this and your recipient probably doesn't have this knowledge. You also know that as far as sending large files goes, most ISPs will not allow files above a certain size to be relayed via their mail servers - your message will come straight back to you.

You'll probably do as you normally do, print the documents and send them via courier or registered post. It's costly, uses up trees when you're trying to minimise your business's carbon footprint. But what else can you do?

What's needed is a simple, secure mechanism for exchanging digital files; something that whilst totally secure requires no special technical knowledge for you or your recipient, and allows you to have high confidence that the person who accesses the confidential information that you've sent is actually the person you intended it for.

Senditsecure cost

The solution is Senditsecure, a totally secure file exchange application, thats simple to use and costs just £25 per month (discounts are available see pricing).

Price of £25 is from our own research in July 2014. Prices can change all the time so please use this as a guide only.

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