Do Financial Advisors need a website?

Do Financial Advisors need a website and other common questions

14th Jan 2022

Do financial advisors need a website?

A professional financial website is key

Building your brand - showing how you work and get to know your clients is a good move forward

The attitude to website design for financial advisors is changing. It’s universally recognised that a positive web presence is important for any professional, that too includes financial advisers. You may not like the idea of establishing yourself online, but it's the way business is now.

Building a website and online presence can be time consuming, especially if you're not technical or creative or just don't have the time.

A creative, professional looking web presence is vital for your advisory firm. It is a reflection of you, your business:

  • You can create more business with improved marketing
  • The type of clients you want will expect quality
  • A web presence will make it easier for prospective clients to compare you to your competition
  • Having a website makes you easy to contact and find

Choosing how to market your business can be difficult, that's why we are here. IFA Web Pro provide IFAs and other advisory firms with a professional all-in-one online solution.

We can help you market your brand

A lack of budget is one of the most challenging aspects new businesses will encounter when starting out.

We understand that only too well and are geared up to help small businesses and sole traders.

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What types of content will hold an IFA clients' interest?

Content to show your worth and build confidence in your brand

We know that first impressions matter, with potential clients deciding quickly online, whether or not your brand should be taken seriously. IFA cover a range of content covering wealth management, pensions, investments, financial protection, mortgages, equity release, cashflow planning, long term care, inheritance tax and more. Giving your clients the online experience they need to build confidence and enquire about your firm.

Lifestyle content and images will strike a chord

Lifestyle content will also strike a chord with many of your clients. When a client reads a lifestyle article or that captivates them, it positions you – the financial adviser firm – as understanding all relating to their life.

As effective as finance or market related content can be for opening up conversations with clients, many people prefer reading about keeping warm during the winter or even holiday destinations than the usual "it's almost 6th April, use up your ISA" article.

IFAs should build content to engage with their clients

Although IFA clients can be a diverse group, some lifestyle topics may still resonate with a large number of your clients. It’s likely that many of your clients are reaching or already at retirement, which make lifestyle topics related to retirement appealing.

If your client base is likely to be affluent, lifestyle topics that relate to wealthier people will have even more traction.

Our quarterly branded IFA client newsletters can help your clients relate to you

IFA Web Pro's IFA newsletters for your clients are packed with important areas of financial advice which may affect them and articles they can relate to. We look to produce a diverse range of topics that will appeal to all.

How do financial advisors find clients online?

Introductions and referrals

Clients want to meet their advisors through a trusted friend or another advisor.

It is easy to get recommendations from existing clients, they will have experienced your value first hand, especially when you've done an exceptional job. Introductions and referrals are generally the most effective lead generation strategies for financial professionals. Also because referrals are free, they are and ideal strategy in growing your financial planning or wealth management business.

Paid advertising

Paid advertising can allow you to reach a large, targeted audience quickly. It's never as good as a referral, which is more personal and trusted.

But unlike organic methods of lead generation (like SEO), paid advertising can generate leads quickly. This can be especially beneficial for businesses looking to expand quickly.

With paid advertising, you have control over who sees your ads, when they see them, and where they see them. This can allow you to experiment and fine-tune your campaigns in finding the most effective combination of targeting and messaging.

Free advertising

Don't forget about free advertising! Use those business cards in local walk in businesses. Spread the word through popular social media channels, like a local FB group.

Relationship marketing and networking events

Relationship marketing includes "in-person" meetings, telephone calls, client appreciation events, feeder workshops, emails, and direct mail.

It's always worthwhile checking with any ideal client and potential clients what will resonate most with them.

The best way to attract clients

To attract clients, you need to provide value, connect and give solutions to their problems. What better way than to send them your client newsletter (the one we produce!). With ideas on how to make their money work harder and leave their wealth to loved ones.

IFA Web Pro Quarterly Client Newsletters for IFAs

Free with your website or £60 per issue for non website clients - our content is checked by 15 compliance specialists (whose purpose is to help financial advisers meet the Financial Conduct Authority's expectations), yours included if you're with one. And don't worry there's no extra charge.

What better way to give your firm a head start with marketing than to send out IFA Web Pro's quarterly client ifa newsletters

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How do financial advisors build their brand?

Financial advisors offer services like financial planning, investment management, retirement planning, tax planning and more. The most valuable thing you offer to your clients is personal financial advice.

And that is linked intricately to you as a person.

Brand advertising plays a huge role in creating a sense of security and reliability.

  • Identify what makes you different. Everyone has aspects of their personality that makes them unique.
  • Look at your experience - maybe it’s tax planning or later life advice? It could be just what some clients are looking for.
  • Telling your story - it's a great way to show who you are and engage with prospects
  • Lead with empathy - once you work with a client, the pieces of their life connects to the work that you do
  • Act with intention - Your personal brand is simply what others know you for. Controlling your personal brand means living and acting with intention in all you do.

Brand advertising is a form of advertising used to establish awareness for a brand, a product or a service in order to strengthen identity and increase customer loyalty.

We specialise in helping IFAs market their services

Whether you’ve got a specific marketing challenge, need a strategy to deliver business growth, or just feel that something is missing, get in touch. We’re here to help.

What new marketing strategies are there for IFAs in 2022?

It's not enough for financial Services' firms to stand still. Independent financial advisors (IFAs) must adapt to changing economic conditions, the shifting priorities of clients, and changes in rules and regulations that govern the market. It's certainly not easy.

Is is this reflected in your marketing activity?

Are you embracing the latest methods to generate leads, establish a base of loyal clients and grow your business?

  • Financial priorities during the "cost of living crisis" - households across the UK will be reviewing their financial priorities, to make sure they’re in the best possible position to weather the storm.
  • Regulatory change - 2022 is a period of regulatory change, with the Financial Conduct Authority "new Consumer Duty", which requires firms to demonstrate how they meet client needs.
  • Setting goals - Setting clear goals must be your starting point when devising a marketing strategy. Each objective should be a SMART goal: specific, measurable, realistic and time-bound.
  • Building your brand - prospects will go online to find a company offering the service you deliver. Make sure your brand delivers!
  • Reputation matters - get your name out there by attending and arranging networking events
  • Connect - Send out regular emails - our quarterly newsletters are a great way to engage clients and prospects alike

A good quality professional IFA website is a must. We've established that.

We can provide you with a personalise online presence, together with branded marketing material. All within budget too!

Let IFA Web Pro you market your firm

You may not have all the resources or expertise in-house to put them in place. That’s why it’s worth asking for our help, we have years of expertise in this area.

We have worked with many IFAs and advisory firms in the UK and can help you too.

As market leaders in this field, we have tremendous experience in delivering marketing strategies for financial services brands.

What is the importance of an organised website?

Having a properly designed IFA website is necessary to improve visitors engagement and increase conversions and sales. Despite good content, the overall structure of your website will determine the sort of experience your visitors will have. Prospective clients won't want to engage with an unprofessional looking or clumsy website.

A poor website with have an effect on your brand.

A website visitor will unconsciously form an opinion about you and your firm. And not in a good way.

A professional IFA website is what we're good at

It's not enough just getting found, visitors are impatient and want to find information they need quickly.

Get in touch with IFA Web Pro

When it comes to choosing an IFA website design that works, it's always best to have a professionally designed website to ensure you get the best outcome and give your business the best chance of success.

Whilst having great content and accurate information is important, a quality IFA website also needs to be efficient, easy to navigate and be well designed