Website Templates for IFAs

Are you considering a website template?

January 2019

IFA Website Template

Advantages for in using a Website Template

can get an idea straight away of what you'll get. With a readymade website template, you don't have to imagine what the finished product will look like, whether we've understood your requirements, whether your website will have to go through several changes and iterations before you're satisfied with the end-product.

The website template can be customised to requirements by changing the colours, images, (static image or slideshow), text and even some of the design so that it ends up looking quite different from the original anyway.

Our website templates are customised to suit

We use our templates as a base, discussing what's best to suit your needs. We will often customise our templates slightly (showing you a mockup before we start, if it's much different).

We offer free professional images with our templates, either static or as a slideshow, customising with straplines to suit.

Website Content

Using our generic and compliant approved content together with any information of your own to make your site more unique.

Speed in launching your website

Time is money. Your website can be launched within a fraction of the time it takes to develop a custom website - provided, of course, that you send us any additional content you want to get your website template finished. A custom designed website can take longer to develop, depending on its complexity. We have many clients who start with a templated site preferring to progress to something customised at a later date.

We can get a draft of your site to you 2-3 weeks form ordering and launched soon after if you're ready to go.

Cost of an adviser website

You can get an attractive, professionally-designed website template for £385. Though if you ask we will reduce the price to £350. A custom-designed website could cost you anything from £1,000 upwards.

Choice of 6 designs

We have 6 professional designed templates for you to choose from. If we don't have quite what you want, don't worry our website developers are very talented and can often adapt the template to suit.

Free Professional Images

Stock photo providers for your website

You can choose images for your site from our preferred stockist Istock.

That way your site looks professional. You are able to change the images on your site at a later date too.

There are definite cost advantages with a website template, however you should stop and consider whether it's what you want, we can always start you off with a templated site progressing to something more customised when you're ready.

Service from IFA Web Pro

We can provide a quality of service and features for your website, keeping it up to date and checked by your compliance network.

Functionality and Navigation

Your website will come with pre-loaded pages as a starting point (which we keep up to date). and we vary your navigation for you depending on your needs. Many of our websites have some differences functionality and navigation wise because of the range of financial advisers that we support.

We build and host sites for IFA, Financial Planners, Equity Release Advisers, Mortgage and Protection Advisers and even Auto Enrolment specialists.

Image optimisation

All images (free from our preferred image providers) will be optimised to improve loading and performance speeds on your website, whether you choose a templated or customised website.

Search engine optimisation

All content will be optimised to perform as well as it can in the Google search engines. The more content you write yourself the better, from a point of uniqueness.

While writing content, you need to use the keywords that promote your products or services and attract targeted customers to your site. You will also need to use meta-tags (Title tag, Keywords, Description), but don't worry we do all of this for you, unless you prefer otherwise.

Since content is key to your website, it is worth spending the time and energy to write it - or entrust it to a professional content writer.