One page website for IFAs

3rd October 2023

Tight budget, but want to get up and running quickly?

You're just starting out. Your budget is tight. We understand that. Which is why we offer a one page website to sole traders.

A one-page website can help you showcase your services and get up and running quickly.

The cost is £145 and £15pm - for minimal maintenance, a secure certificate and hosting. We even pass your site through your network for compliance approval and add a privacy statement and any useful links for your clints.

That's everything you need to get started. You can always change to a full website at a future date.

Moving from a one page site to a full website with our quarterly branded newsletters is easy

We would offer you a £200 discount from our full website package of £385, should you wish to upgrade.

Our focus is to provide what's needed to IFAs at the best price we can. We are here to support you.

One page website for IFAs

Pros to a one page website

A benefit of a one-page website is that all your information is to hand, making it simple for clients and prospects to navigate your website and get all the information they can get when they interact with your firm's brand. It's easy to scroll through and doesn't take much time to find what you're looking for.


One of the key features of a single-page website, that makes it stand out, is cost-effectiveness. They are simple to develop and manage and can be maintained with less resource and cost.

The main thing is single-page websites can be quickly developed and marketed.

What does a one page website include?

A one page website includes what's needed to engage new clients and a client login (if needed for your existing clients).

  • Logo
  • Colour branding
  • Information of what you offer and who you are
  • Details of your main services
  • Contact details (obviously)
  • Some testimonials, it does help to engage. If you haven't any yet, we can always add at a later date.
  • Client Login (if needed)
  • Variation on style and design
  • Mobile responsive site
  • A secure certificate
  • Hosting
  • Annual compliance review

Your site will still be FCA compliant

We start with you! That's why we stand out

That would still include passing your site through your network on an annula basis, we know how fussy they can be.

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Whilst having great content and accurate information is important, a quality IFA website also needs to be efficient, easy to navigate and be well designed. IFA Web Pro excel at designing IFA Websites