3rd January 2024

Our Financial Newsletters deliver focused, engaging content

The Best Newsletters for Financial Advisers

When creating email marketing campaigns or just touching base with your clients, newsletters can be one of the most effective ways to connect your business with your audience. Newsletters can help engage customers, build brand loyalty and show your worth as a professional.

Creating a financial newsletter your clients will want to read

Because you need to engage your clients on a regular basis, financial newsletters can be a real asset to IFAs. What better way to communicate with your clients than by “touching base” with them on a regular basis, updating them with financial tips and insights.

Financial newsletters are hard to get right, but indeed are an important client engagement tool. With over 20 years’ experience working with financial services companies, we understand your needs, objectives and even clients.

What makes a good financial newsletter?

We work hard at delivering a clear message and focus behind every newsletter, whilst keeping the topics varied. Using a range of newsletter ideas to keep your clients’ attention. From topical events like a summary of the latest government announcement (often the budget or autumn statement), data collected by other bodies e.g. the Pensions & Lifetime Savings Association or Office of National Statistics.These types of content engage users so that they look forward to your next issue.

Our designs are visual, purchasing new images for the artwork for each issue. Keeping our newsletters vibrant and eye-catching. Like websites, the best newsletter examples include illustrations and photos to help our newsletter design needs to stand out.

Where we can we always include a CTA: "Contact us for more information / let us help you ...". The Best Newsletters for Financial Advisers

Our financial newsletters for your clients are free

If you're a website client, your financial newsletter for your clients is free. It's included with our service, whether you're with a network or not. Yes, that's right - we submit it to your network (if you're with one).

Newsletters for Financial Advisers

They're free to our website clients. We support our IFAs. That's just a given.

Relevant and regular client content for financial advisers

Are you looking for regular, engaging content to offer your clients? Here at IFA Web Pro, we offer high-quality articles in our quarterly newsletters for financial advisers and IFAs. With great, up-to-date articles covering all areas of financial advice.

We understand that producing this kind of content takes time and resources, which IFAs and financial advisers often don't have. We do the hard work so you can devote time to growing your business. Taking on the heavy lifting of content creation for you, to provide a quarterly newsletter you can send to your clients.

Financial adviser newsletters

Branded PDF newsletters filled with great content for your clients. Email marketing continues to offer a valuable communication channel for attracting, engaging and converting clients and prospects for financial advisers. The challenge, of course, lies in designing a beautiful newsletter, filled with great content which can be sent to your clients on a regular basis. But of course, we do that for you.

Here at IFA Web Pro, our quarterly PDF newsletter - we keep it simple "Season and Year" has your needs covered. It's designed to be visually appealing and includes half a dozen or so articles on topics covering different areas of financial advice which may affect your clients.