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Cracking website deal for IFAs

We often offer a bespoke website design to IFAs and don't charge extra, we do stipulate that the design isn't exclusive. That means we can offer it to other financial advisers for our normal templated website flat rate.

choice of financial planner site getting too much?

Brochure type site, minimal content, large dramatic black and white images of Belfast

What we offer to IFAs

The choice of financial websites can be overwhelming, we differ from other website providers for IFAs in that we bespoke both the design and the content. Obviously using what we already have as a starting point.

We build each of our sites individually, offering a bespoke service and addressing the individual needs of every firm. Our Clients include a number of IFAs and some Financial Planners. Focus and content varying. Some firms want to showcase their products, some their services and the financial planning process and some both. We take care of both the build (in its entirety) and maintenance of your site.

We offer a bespoke service, including quarterly brochures for £350 website setup cost and £40pm (no additional VAT on top of this figure). For Advisers not requiring a brochure we can reduce this fee to £35pm.

If we customise a website and don't charge extra it does mean that site design is not exclusively for that client and we can offer the design to one or two other clients for our normal flat rate of £350.

We're quiet different in that we don't have a tiered pricing system. What we have, we offer to all our clients, they get a good deal!

All our sites do vary content wise as not every firm offers the same services or wants the same focus. We even include Branded Brochures to assist you wth marketing.

Couple of examples of Financial Planner sites:

Responsive Design A Financial Planner Site
Responsive Design B Financial Planner Site

Some IFA Sites:

Responsive Design A IFA Website
Responsive Design B IFA Website Responsive Design B IFA Website